Services Coverting Video Tapes To MP4 And DVD Are Now Available Nationwide

Nationwide VHS and Film Transfer Service announces special deals for video conversion over the entire United States customer base.

— Converting those old VHS tapes and films to modern digital formats like MP4, CD or DVD is the best way consumers can store and preserve their old memories. Over time tapes and old film can go bad. Discoloration and warping of the thin 8mm film can cause long term damage. For this reason now is the best time to convert all of those old memories to a more flexible medium. CDs, DVDs and Mp4 Digital files can store many hours of footage from weddings, parties, vacations or other special occasions that people have stored on old outdated media like camcorders, old film reels or VHS cassette players.

Some people prefer to do the transfer themselves. This is fine if the customer has just a few tapes they want to transfer. They can utilize software available online for free or on their computer. For customers or clients who have a large order or who have a small order but don’t want to deal with the headache or learn the knowledge necessary to complete the video transfer to mp4[1] themselves there are locations available nationwide that you can mail in your current media, have it copied and placed onto digital formats like DVD, Blu-ray or Mp4 versions. The great thing about these types of copy services is that customers will receive their original media returned undamaged along with their new copies made.

The benefits of having digital copies of your old wedding videos or other special occasion recordings is that they can be reproduced and copied easily to be sent out to other family members or friends. Digital files allow people who want to store the memories in a safe location for a long time without having them damaged to have them available when the time comes.

The best company for nationwide video to digital conversions is Convert Video to MP4. Not only do they offer full services for transferring everything from tape, VHS, 8mm Film, Super 8, video and photo scanning they also have helpful articles and more information for customers who want to learn more about their options for getting those old pictures and tapes transferred to a safe location. More information can be found at their homepage at[2][3]

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