End of VCR Era Heightens Need for VHS to Digital Services

With the discontinuation of VCR manufacturing being announced recently, Larsen Digital has seen a rise in VHS to DVD orders as consumers are realizing the need to have their family videos digitized.

Press Release

Aug 5, 2016

With manufacturers making the move to cease VCR production, Larsen Digital has seen a spike in VHS to digital transfers.  VCR machines have been in homes since 1964, and have been the primary source in viewing VHS tapes and other memories captured on a home video recorder, but have since been replaced with the DVD and other digital formats.  Because of the lack of equipment being manufactured, the need to convert VHS to DVD has never been stronger. 

Larsen Digital’s seen this increased urge as more customers are sending in orders for VHS to DVD conversion work.  Orders containing VHS to digital services have risen 23% just in the last month, a number that will surely rise as the news of the VCR discontinuation spreads further.

Larsen Digital[1] helps solve the needs of the customers by completing VHS to digital transfers, allowing consumers and families around the world more access to their past moments.  When VHS to digital work is completed, customers have the opportunity to have family movies saved to DVD or an MP4 file, allowing more freedom to watch and edit whenever, wherever one sees fit.  Not only does Larsen Digital solve the issue of the VCR being discontinued, but it’s done at an affordable price.

One customer stated of their recent VHS to DVD[2] order, “The worry has never been higher that past family memories would become obsolete as there would be no way to watch them.  Hearing about the VHS to digital services that Larsen Digital offers, peace of mind was given knowing that the footage could be seen for posterity’s to follow.  The VHS to DVD work rendered will be cherished forever.”

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